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Levis Watches For Men - Top Fashion On Your Wrist

Levis watches for men suddenly set a new standard in the fashion industry, because they made a perfect accessory for a fashion oriented guy who already owned Levis jeans or other products.

When Levis, one of the most renowned brands worldwide, took an ambitious step and entered the watch business, it was a big step for the company, because it had no previous experience in designing or marketing watches.

But, even the loudest of skeptics remained silent when Levis finally unveiled its bold and modern watch collection that won the hearts and minds of not only loyal fans, but even the people that never wore 501 jeans in their lives.

The fashion industry is an ever changing and fluid one and any clothing retailers as well as wholesalers have an instant advantage with a reputable name brand that stands out above the rest.

If not for anything else, potential customer inquiry as well as questions about product and service availability and pricing can be quickly addressed, which builds business instantly.

For those whose tastes are not simple, a reputable name brand that has withstood the test of time is just about a necessity.

Getting a customer with brand recognition and quality can make the difference between a sale and a good returning customer, and the competitor getting a new customer.

Levis Watches for Men Can Make that Difference

You have to remember the fashion industry is highly competitive and having a retail label coupled with craftsmanship makes all the difference between looking great and simply looking. Levis watches for men can make that difference.

Levis is a historical label and branding that has been around for many years. The jeans industry was forever changed with the patent for the famous copper rivets and Arcuate stitching on the pockets that embellish the traditional jeans for everyday wear.

Since 1873, the name Levis has defined the fashion industry in two ways: the look of quality, and the wear of quality.

From the 501 Original to the 569 Loose Straight, the jeans gave inspiration to an entire line of clothing, from trucker jackets and vests, to women's and children's clothing lines as well.

The latest additions to the Levis fashion family have been accessories to include quality watches for men. Can a watch be that important? Certainly, if it's made of quality workmanship and can withstand daily wear.

The Levis brand assures that even a watch with a moderate price tag can have quality and a good reputation for long wear.

Design Stage

One of the most important steps that lead to that success was the design stage of these watches. The Scandinavian designers have successfully incorporated the bright and casual spirit of the brand in every single model of the collection.

Purchasing a Levis watch means that quality means something in term of workmanship. All of the styles have a stainless steel bezel and backing that assures that the timepiece is sturdy and can withstand daily wear.

The watches also have quartz movement and most of the styles are waterproof as well. Because they are fashion-oriented, Levis watches for men don't need to be 200 meter resistant, so they are made in 30 meters and 50 meter variants.

The styles offered range from the Standard Series, which has a variety of choices from simple to elegant, and all again have durability and craftsmanship ingrained with the name Levis.

The watches also come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty with purchase. The company also insists on further quality by allowing only certain reputable retailers and stock lists to carry their products.

Red Tab Quality Mark

These high quality watches are labeled with the famous 'Red Tab' quality mark. All Levis watches come in a luxurious Levis box, that immediately tells us that we are holding something very special in our hands. They come in a variety of models and packed with many different features.

Based on the way you wear the watch there's the designer line and the pocket line of watches. The pocket watch line features stainless steel or gold plated straps and cases, a digital display with date feature, alarm and a chronograph.

You can also choose from two display types; digital or analog. The available dial colors are black, gray, silver, white and yellow. Depending on the model, bracelets/straps can be made of leather, rubber, stainless steel or gold. The strap colors range from black, brown, gold and red to silver, steel and white.

Wearing a Levis Watch Says I Have Taste

Wearing a Levis watch is more than just wearing a watch on your wrist, it's a fashion statement, a personal expression that sends a message to the public and the message says "I have taste".

The main benefit of having a Levis watch is simply that it was made by Levis, which guarantees two important things, uncompromising quality and a world renowned brand name.

A Levis watch is like a 501 jeans packed in a metal case. It's durable, sexy and desirable. They are made in a huge range of funky styles and designs, so everyone can find a watch that matches his personal taste.

Variety of Styles

Levis watches come in a variety of styles from sophisticated to elegant. They are also affordable, moderately priced, and competitive with other watches that offer a similar quality.

But whichever Levis watch you choose you can be sure it will be built to the same quality standards that Levis is renowned for. Levis markets new collections every season, so you can be sure that their watch collections follow the latest trends in fashion.

The name Levis makes certain that the timepiece was expertly crafted, looks good for any occasion, and is affordable for anyone who wants to have a good looking watch without the Rolex prices.

Levis watches for men can be the one thing that makes the look for a man without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality that anyone would definitely want and expect with the name Levis. From 1873 up to the present, the work goes in where the quality goes on.